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The purpose of «SCANSTROY»
«SCANSTROY»  – is a Swedish-Russian joint-venture, that incorporates a group of Swedish and Russian companies, specializing in design, projecting, building technologies and products, brought together for the creation of social and publicly significant projects.
As an innovative idea «SCANSTROY»  has determined the use in its projects of the solutions, which may not strike with their avant-garde tendencies, but guarantee the real correspondence of objects to their purpose as well as real correspondence to the social demands of people.
The longstanding history of life of people on the north of Europe formed a culture corresponding to these territories, a culture of construction technologies, utilized materials and understanding the comfort of buildings. The laboriously gathered longstanding experience of the inhabitants of Scandinavia as a result formed a concept of “Scandinavian style”.
Simplicity, functionality, proximity to nature, energy-effectiveness, longevity and aesthetical restraint - basic features of this style. For purposes of the revival of our own construction industry in Russia, the creation of the publicly significant units and achievement of comfortable conditions for the life of people, the group of companies has created the Russian-Swedish joint-venture «SCANSTROY».
The participants of «SCANSTROY» 
Enterprises participating in “SCANSTROY” are united by the common characteristic features:
  • Companies have steady long-standing reliable reputation, not having negative and doubtfully realized projects;
  • In total companies participating in “SCANSTROY” successfully completed hundreds of complex projects and built many objects, reliable and comfortable.
“SCANSTROY” has contacts with many different enterprises and establishments in Russia and Sweden and if required in the work process of the projects enlists the services of companies with necessary competencies.
Licenses and certificates
«SCANSTROY» has all the necessary licensees and certificates for conducting of works, which ensure quality and guarantees for the created projects.